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What We Do

What We Do

We provided researched-based parenting information through a monthly newsletter, either electronically or a print version. We included articles on topics such as child development, early literacy, bonding, teaching responsibility, health & safety issues, activities to do with your child, maintaining your relationship with your partner, and appropriate discipline. Current research on topics such as infant brain development can be complex to readers and not easily accessible. We took current research in the family and parenting domain and synthesized it into short, easy-to-read articles together in one newsletter.

Who We Serve

Parenting Matters directly served families of children. In addition, we also served professionals who work with families and provided a resource for service providers to share with their families. We worked with several local agencies, and sourced information from all over the world to support our families and professionals.


While based in Washington State, we were able to provide parenting information anywhere one resides or works, either through postal, electronic delivery or through our website.


Children do not come with instruction manuals when they are born. Parents want and need help in raising happy, healthy children; and parents are busy and need information that is reliable, brief and helpful. There are a large number of parenting book and websites that have great information and resources, but often they are challenging to access or time consuming to navigate. While we know that much of the child’s brain is developing in the first years of a child’s life it continues to develop. The Child Mental Health Foundation and Agencies Network (FAN) says, “children who do not begin kindergarten socially and emotionally competent are often not successful in the early years of school—and can be plagued by behavioral, emotional, academic, and social development problems that follow them into adulthood.”