Clallam County Early Learning Directory


We worked together with Prevention Works! to create a directory for families to have access to comparative details about the various early learning programs throughout our county. Prevention Works! maintains the directory, so please click one of the links for more information.

The goal with this directory is to help families with young children by publishing a list of early learning programs available and learning resources within Clallam County. This list is for the purpose of informing families of available programs. It is not intended to recommend any particular program, nor is it any kind of endorsement for those contained within. Adults need to determine if a given program meets the criteria they believe are important for their child. Programs provide us with the information contained in this directory. View Directory

Sustainable Parenting: Unlocking Our Human Potential – Healing Our Plundered Planet

by Donovan C Wilkin, Ph.D., and Cynthia D. Martin Ph.D. (First Teacher Founder and Board President)

Sustainable Parenting looks at the role parents play in raising their children to becoming valued members of society.

The book is available through Amazon and includes the following forward: What if civilization disappeared virtually overnight, including 90% of the world’s population? What if the survivors had to start over on a desperately depleted planet? A growing number of prominent experts is warning of the potential collapse of human civilization before the middle of this century. What sort of human culture might re-emerge? Wilkin and Martin believe a more sustainable culture with a higher and more equitable quality of life is not only possible, but with a better understanding of evolution, probable. The key is in teaching children to be more caring, sharing, and tolerant of differences, as well as instilling deep reverence and respect for the natural world. This highly readable collection of parenting tips based in an ecological perspective on the latest childhood development research is intended to educate today’s parents, the first and most important teachers of tomorrow’s pioneers, in the skills they will need to establish a more livable and lasting human culture.

Filled with tips the book also examines how we we are failing at sustaining the earth’s resources. Sustainable Parenting: Unlocking Our Human Potential – Healing Our Plundered Planet provides help for parents on how to be observant, manage conflicts, have empathy, be consistent with discipline and communicate effectively.