First Teacher Programs & Services

Current Programs

Bremerton First Teacher

Begin Date: September 2004

Program Highlights: Program Highlights: Bremerton collaborates with their Early Care and Education Coalition to provide First Teacher for those families.

North Thurston Kindergarten Parenting Matters

Begin Date: February 2009

Program Highlights: Program Highlights: Thanks to the Lacey Rotary Club for all their support!

Sequim First Teacher

Begin Date: 1990

Program Highlights: Program Highlights: Sequim pioneered the First Teacher program in 1990. Parents in the area who had children that were not yet in school were mailed a newsletter and developmental cards. Some meetings were set up so parents could meet others with young children who would go to school with their child. The program continues to expand and now reaches over 700 children and 1173 parents.

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How to Start a First Teacher Program in Your Area

First Teacher is a program of Parenting Matters Foundation, a non-profit organization. We consult with school districts or programs to individualize the program for your area and population. Cost varies depending on numbers served.

First Teacher is a monthly newsletter, in English and Spanish, geared for parents of kids not yet in school (pregnancy to pre-kindergarten). We individualize the newsletter for your area or for smaller groups, can just provide our "generic" newsletter that has non-area specific parenting articles.

Parenting Matters Foundation will work to create a database of families of young children not yet in school in your area. We consult and cooperate with school districts to create the database. We make contacts with community agencies and other groups to promote First Teacher, provide "display" copies for area pediatricians, health departments, children's clothing stores, or any other places desired. No wording.

The biggest cost is building the database. If we have a database of families provided to us, it cuts down on costs.

200 kids x $26/child/year = $5,200 for 12 issues (PMF develops database, area-specific newsletter).

200 kids x $17/child/year = $3,400 for 12 issues (database supplied to PMF, area-specific newsletter).

Individual Subscription - $15/year.

We are happy to provide you a quote and are able to work with groups of any size and have a variety of options to meet your needs.